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  • Land in Stara Lesna

    Stara Lesna is located close to High Tatras. The land in Stara Lesna is in direct view from High Tatras and it is also close to Golf International Black Stork in Velka Lomnica. The land is presented in two different areas, one is 150000 m22 (see the map). The land is available for building hotels. It can also be used for building houses or apartments until four floors. The upper land will be supplied by drinking water from new reservoirs which has already been given plan and permission for construction. These reservoirs will supply the Velka Lomnica as well especially the Golf Park. Therefore it is available for sell and construction. and the other is 30000 m

    The price in 15000 m2 is 55 Euro/m2
    The price in 30000 m2 is 75/m