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  • د ظهیر نړیوال سوداگریزشرکت
  • شرکت تجارتی بین المللی ظهیر

  • Information for the businessmen in Afghanistan

    Many people in Afghanistan, who want to invest abroad, have problem with visa and luck of knowledge in the market. So for those businessmen who are interested to come and invest in EU countries, to import goods, to purchase an apartment or house or land, we process the application of visa for them and provide them facilities to come and invest here with full comprehension and awareness. You can directly visit the manufacturer of the goods or to what you are interested to invest. If in case of problem of communication, we can provide a translator in your language. We can provide you accommodation during your stay in the mentioned countries. So if you are in Afghanistan or in any other Asian countries and welling to invest here, just feel free to contact us. You can contact our branch in Afghanistan or you can directly contact us. We love to help our brothers all over the world.