• ZAHER International Trade L.t.d.
  • د ظهیر نړیوال سوداگریزشرکت
  • شرکت تجارتی بین المللی ظهیر

  • Export-Import


    Our company organizes export and import activities, arrange commercial meetings and trade missions, maintain good relationship with the official institutions, governmental and nongovernmental organizations, arrange contacts among business partners, and develop existing and new commercial and investment opportunities in most of the European and Asian countries. Our company, which has a bitter knowledge of the mentioned field, provides assistance to all interested business partners and investors in any of our partner countries. We provide the initial contacts, through an export - import, investment advice, the analysis of market and business opportunities. We also offer a trade contacts procurement and analysis of the products best suited for export or import.

    Beside export-import, we offer a comprehensive advisory service for all partnership entities who want to set up an enterprise, to map available investment possibilities or to find suitable business partners. Since we have a very good knowledge of a political, social and commercial environment in all mentioned countries, we can provide our members, clients and partners with a full assistance with planning, logistics, administrative and legal acts, including recruitment of qualified personnel or a full localized company promotion. Our company is looking forward to help you in any of the above mentioned areas.